Noir (Part 10)

I was behind a building, a yard or so away from the cloud when an incredible force rocked my body. I heard a loud scream. Not a scream from a human, but the kind of scream that you hear when a large, cylindrical hunk of metal starts barreling out of the sky right at you. Luckily enough, the plane was falling fast enough to break the sound barrier, alerting me in time for me to jump out of the way. Others were not so lucky. The plane slammed face-first into the ground, sliding 50 or 60 feet, until coming to stop. It had crushed at least a dozen people, flinging at least another dozen or so like ragdolls, soaring outward in various directions.
I turned and looked at the building behind me, there was a huge hole carved in the middle of it, metal workings and wires were clearly visible, people falling from their office cubicles, to be split on the ground, to land not as humans, but as huge, loose sacks of intestines and blood, only to burst open upon impact. A water line had broken, water spraying from the hole.

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