Get drunk

For the first time in my life, I want to get drunk.

People would always laugh at me when I told them I have never been drunk. I would tell them that wasn’t my idea of fun.

Then would come the stories. All the crazy things they did when they were drunk, some of which they didn’t even remember the next day. They all thought the stories were hilarious. I thought they were stupid. And still they would tell me to try it at least once, just to find out for myself.

I can’t stand being around drunk people. They are obnoxious and loud and not in control. I like being in control and being fully aware. That’s why I have never been drunk.

Tonight I already don’t feel in control. And I certainly don’t want to be fully aware. Being drunk is not my idea of fun. But that isn’t the only reason people get drunk, is it? Some people want to dull the pain.

Smile, drink a glass of wine to take the edge off. At least this will help, even if I can’t bring myself to actually get drunk.

Maybe just one more glass…

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