A Circus Tale : Mabel - 1

Mabel wiped the sweat off her eyebrow quickly and tentatively glanced to her side. Her father, a lean elf with concentration engraved in his eyes, led their wagon with palpable authority. With his attention elsewhere, Mabel allowed her shoulders to slouch ever so slightly and released a silent sigh of relief.

Just then, a howl exploded behind the caravan, transforming the uneasy silence into a moment of outright panic. The humans screamed profanities, while the elves struggled to keep the horses in line. A child cried in fear. and at the front of the caravan, Mabel shrunk in her seat, eyes glued to the road ahead of her. Any moment now, the guards would deal with the problem. It had to happen, just like every other time this past week.

So why were the howls getting louder? Mabel gulped and whispered. “Father. The howling…”

“Quiet, child.” The icy stare was all her father needed to silence her at once. Despite the ruckus behind them, he spoke with unshakable confidence. “It’s under control.”

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