Noir (Part 11)

Suddenly there was a creaking. The building seemed to tilt a little to the right, until it all came crashing down upon its self. The top half and the bottom half became two different buildings, the top of only to land on the bottom half, and crumble in upon itself as well.
I screamed. No words, just yelps, noises. My entire world had become like that building, structurally sound, completely normal, until an airplane comes hurtling through my center, completely screwing everything up, until I collapse in on myself.
I ran. I ran and ran and ran, until my heart stopped. There were only two questions on my mind at the moment.
1: What the Hell is going on?
2. What happened to Ms. Marlena Octavius Mahoney, and hadn’t she said something about an attack in my office today? Why didn’t I pay attention to what she was saying, instead of ogling her fantastic body?

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