Legacy (pt 5)

“Exactly my point Ashe. We can travel at night, the Emperor’s solders will be no match for Princess Raven. You and I both know that, but can you control her?”

“Tcha! Stupid man! You ask me, Lady Ashe, if I can control my own demonic side? Tcha, have you forgotten that I took Princess Raven into me on purpose? As a hope to defeat the Emperor? Have you forgotten how well I can control the magick that pulses through my veins? And the Shadows of the night? Have you forgotten that all? Tcha!” Even as she spoke she was unsure of herself, the last time Raven was let loose an entire village was devistated before she regained control.

“You are scared, I can see it in your eyes and feel it in the air. Raven will not commit those crimes again. I will make sure of it.”

Sighing to herself because she knew that Alexander was right, she nodded. Slowly but surely her eyes turned to a purple color, those of the Forgotten Princess. “Promise? I am scared of doing it again too, my love Alexander.”


End Chapter One

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