The Poniard Trial: Acquired

The messenger was so shocked by the man’s brute callousness, he had nothing to say in return.

“Tell me… What is so special about this one?” He chuckled on the last two words, as if the child was some piece of art that was marked at a ridiculously high price.

The man reddened a little at the question, “She… Was acquired. For the 100th Poniard Trial.”

She was acquired… I wasn’t aware recruitment tactics were changing. They’re bringing in girls now. Not a surprise she had to be stolen though. All of this being completely sanctioned I suppose.” The man simply glared at the basket.

“She was not stolen-” The messenger began to protest but suddenly an unearthly rumble began to shake the ground.

The inebriated man slowly grinned, “It looks like they’re letting the monsters out early tonight.”

The messenger looked about in terror and bolted back the way he came.

“Well, he’s gonna die.” The man sighed, picked up the basket and went back into his poor substitute of a house.

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