Honesty, Neat

Steph staggered out of the car, her slender hand outstretched toward the open car door, her crutch.

“You always drive like that?” she asked, pushing a tangle of blonde hair from her eyes and straightening her skirt.

“Just come on.” Jeff slammed the convertible shut and strode toward the entrance, an outline of neon against the dark. His grip was firm and Steph struggled to keep up.

“What is the matter with you?” she demanded at the bar.

He shielded his eyes from the hanging lamp, elbows on the bar, a deep sigh. “Look, I never wanted to take you out. It wasn’t my idea.”

She stared, silent. He felt pressured to go on.

“My parents have badgered me into asking you on a date so long I thought I would lose my mind. I gave in. Now we’re here. I take you home and they are satisfied.”

Indignation bloomed through Stephanie like blood across a snow white blouse.

“So that’s it. Well.” She snatched up her purse, already on her feet. “Your honesty is more refreshing than any drink you could buy me. Goodnight.”

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