The Weight of the Kingdom

I trotted on atop Stella and slowly approached the rear of the column. When Zinn’s footmen turned and noticed me they stumbled over each other while trying simultaneously to ‘stay in formation’ and catch a glimpse of the fabled Field General, I had to chuckle.

Stella held a more proud frame than I, as usual. I battled the demons in my helmet and quickened her pace. Within minutes, after passing thousands of men I reached the camp gates. The mounted commanders stood at attention and waited for my orders.

“As you were men.” Was all they got as I galloped off toward the advance units. I kept up and outpaced them all, finally reaching the head of column. There I found Hadalvi on his fully armored black steed. The armor shone brilliantly in the low morning sun.

“Commander, a word to the side here.” I motioned him off.

“Yes General.”

“Keep your horses in plain sight on the field, front and center with lances low.”

“Why General?”

“The cavalry must appear in defensive position for this to work. Just do it .”

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