In the Morning

The lights had gone out a long time ago. All safety had vanished with the first flicker of the bulbs. A lightning flash sent her burrowing under the covers, making her ignore the subtle creaking of the bedroom door.


She had woken someone up! Her only answer was to dive further underneath her beloved comforter and hide her tear-splattered face.

“Yo, kitty-cat.” Two warm hands picked her up and she was set down in a lap. Someone wiped back her bangs, which was plastered to her face. “You going to ignore me?” She refused to open her eyes.

A fresh smell of hibiscus wafted from Hannah’s damp hair.

“Okay. The light’ll be back in the morning, though. You’ll see.”

Another rumble of thunder made Cathy relent and hug her sister, sniffling into the latter’s striped pajamas.

Hannah did not complain. She just sat there, holding Cathy and stroking her sweat-soaked brown head until the smaller one began to feel the haze of sleep.

Yes, everything would be fine for Cathy in the morning.

Just fine.

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