Mitch took his earnings to the Sheriff at the back of Mark’s Pub the next night. He was planning on begging.

“So, you got my money! I knew you could do it! And i didn’t hear a peep from Daddy.” He took a swig from his mug.

“No, Sir, this is all I could get.” Mitch handed him the cash. The Sheriff scowled and counted it.
“This is all you could get?”
“Y-yes Sir.”
“Maybe you’d like to play some more, to win some of your debt back.”
“No thanks.”
“Well, you understand I’ll be visitin’ a certain farm this week.”
“Of course Sir.”
“You’ve got balls, Son, I’ll give you that!” Mitch turned to leave. “I’ll see you in the jail, Boy!” The Sheriff cat-called.

Even with the threats, Mitch felt liberated. He was sure JoAnn wouldn’t call rape on him, not after their late night talk. He knew the Sheriff would then go after him some other way, but at least he’d bought some time.

Mitch headed home to get a full night’s sleep. He felt he deserved it. He found his Mom mixing margaritas in the kitchen. Crying.

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