Chilling Words (5)

Gazing out the window, waiting. Checking the clock, waiting. She would never give up. The man she knew was destined to come back to her would come, and she would steal him away and her search would end.
She was getting better at the online ordering, changing one item hoping he would fall into the trap, one time giving the one of a neighbour who she was house sitting for, hoping that this would fool him. It wasn’t just her deliveries she would watch for, anyone else on the street ordered and she knew. She would lie in wait like a cat stalking an unsuspecting vole, waiting for him to make a move onto her territory and then she’d grab him with both paws and take him back to her lair.
Several times she had got the other guy, the one who always greeted her with a stupid grin. She tried her best to get rid of him, complain about him. They seemed to know her game. So she would wait, one day he’d have to come for her, one day.
She hoped it was soon, the freezer was full and she still hated the taste of peas.

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