Ascension: PONY (1)

Shwartz awoke suddenly. Not quite dawn yet. His servo-skeleton awaited his verbal command.

“Awake now, attach please.” He said into the air of his massive bedchamber.

Whirring and clicking noises followed by a pleasant and positive sounding ding.

Once attached he quickly began a check of the overnight news. He glided across the bedchamber toward the portal. Through it and down three steps to the main room. His human eye, one of the few remaining natural organs of his existence saw something he didn’t like in the news summary.

“Item 3, project on vidwall please.” The item now displayed on a wall across from his wraparound windows. The city skyline still dazzled. He paused and looked down at Midtown Manhattan.

Item 3 now repeated in text and video on the 144" wall in full holographic wonderment. It was an image of the 1984 covered in some strange webbing and laboring in space.

“Who is the captain of that vessel?”

“Davidovitch, Ninel J.” Came back a female voice.

“Connect to Admiral Kantz now!”

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