Ascension: PONY (2)

In an instant part of the vidwall cleared and the chiseled face of Admiral Kantz appeared.

“Mr. Shwartz…um, good day to you. What do I owe-”

“Admiral, why am I looking at 3 class A emergencies this morning?” The servo-skeleton was something people took a long time to get used to, his expression was off. “Kantz, pay attention to my words!

“Yes Mr. Shwartz. The emergencies are known to us of course and we are working on them.” His face contorted as if looking at the climax of a horror flick.

Shwartz knew that his badgering would get nowhere with this stuffed uniform. He had to get Corporate on the line. “Kill link please.” Kantz disappeared, to both their benefit.

The servo-skeleton transported Shwartz’s head, upper torso and right arm to the windows again. Beneath his perch on the 224th floor the Principality of New York sprawled out.

“Connect to Harrington please.”

On the vidwall a suited man appeared. “Mr. Shwartz, good morning, we know about the trouble on Threeworld and Ganymede.”


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