Ascension: Command and Conquer

“Harrington…I think it is time to put Protocol 5 into action. This rebellion is a perfect distraction for the USNE. Do it.” Shwartz turned his back on the windows and stood in front of the vidwall.

Protocol 5?! Now?”

Shwartz glared at Harrington’s hologram. “There are only two key elements of sentience; knowledge and willpower. Alone they are interesting and mildly powerful, together in the right mix they can rule the universe!” He spun around again to the windows and looked down on the skyline at the ancient buildings far below. He continued his rant, “The USNE High Council is lacking both at the moment. They are consumed by bickering and squabbles over minor rocks in NewSys and the Outer Colonies. Let them boil over something serious now – rebellion.”

“Understood.” Harrington hovered his finger over a red blinking button on his deskpanel and carefully pressed it. Now the Corporation’s main OmniNet would send a long range signal to awaken 5% of all noncons across USNE space.

“And the Synod?”

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