She jumped at the sound of the door, whirling around and wielding a strawberry corer. Her face went from furious to merely angry when she realized it was only her son coming home. “Ooo, Your Father had better not come through that door! Lock it!”

“Mom?” Mitch took a few hesitant steps toward her.
“He’s tearing this family apart!” she spat, throwing the corer on the counter where it bounced to the floor.

“I think I know what you mean, Mom.” Mitch’s eyes were sad.
“About what?” Mrs. McFarland was hoping her son didn’t know, was hoping he’d tell her another story, one to make her forget.
“He’s been at Violette’s.”

She burst into tears. This was her worst fear confirmed. She opened her arms to him and he awkwardly hugged her.

Meanwhile Violette had introduced Mr. Mayor to her newest Top Girl, Crystal.

Later, Crystal took her bonus home to the cash jar and planned to surprise her son Cal with the new car he’d been eying.

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