Something Strange is Growing in the Garden (Part 2)

Actually, Evil Kyle was closer than Maggie thought. A few days earlier, Evil Kyle was standing in the garden waiting for Maggie to get home from school so they could play. As he paced back and forth thinking up new games for them to play, he heard a voice coming from the ground.

“Hey you!” it shouted.

Evil Kyle stopped and looked down. He could see the face in the ground grinning up at him. He didn’t trust that grin. “What are you?” Kyle asked politely.

“Lean closer and I will tell you,” the face in the dirt said.

Evil Kyle bent down closer to the ground.

“A little closer,” the face said mischievously.

Kyle hesitated for a moment, but curiosity got the best of him and he leaned closer. Suddenly, the face in the ground opened its mouth wide and gobbled the imaginary friend right up.

“Yum!” the face exclaimed to nobody in particular. “Imaginary friends are so tasty! I can’t wait until that little girl gets home to think up another one.”

Needless to say…Evil Kyle wasn’t pleased.

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