It was gray. There was heat under his collar, coldness in his limbs, and a numbness in his heart. There was a tumultuous electricity in the air, carried on a wind that blew first one way, then another. He sat, he stood, he paced. Something was about to happen and everything was wrong.

Amidst the chaos he felt a sharp pain at the back of his head. Everything went white, stark, bright, and clean. Boom.

At first, he panicked, not sure which way was up or where he was or what he could do. There was no motion, no sound, nothing but white.

He calmed. It was nice here, peaceful. He was content for a while. Then he Desired. He wanted to see something. Anything. The opposite of white. He thought of black. A black dot appeared in front of him. He made it grow and grow until everything was black.

He stayed in the black content to not see white. When he tired of that, he wanted a little white back. He thought of stars. Billions of tiny pinpricks of white to break up the black. He smiled. He held Destiny in his mind.

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