Ascension: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

“That ought to keep them guessing.” Shwartz watched the shattered Air Unit disappear down toward the street. “Expect reinforcements quickly, let’s get to the roof and start the show.”

The 4 heavily armed and masked intruders surrounded Shwartz and nodded. One of them spoke into a wrist Comm, “Ready with cargo, ready with charges. Drop ship en route? Over.”

“Shuttle transport arriving in 60 seconds. Rooftop extract confirmed. Over.”

“Mr. Shwartz, we have to go now for this to work. PONY Air Patrol will close our window in a few minutes, we were good with that first salvo, but we do not want an extended firefight.”

“I know full well the PONY LawEn procedures son. Remember, you are doing a job, I am leaving forever.” Those words resonated in his ears as they all stood in thick smoke. “The explosives are ready? I want nothing left!”

“Yes, sir. I am confident our ruse is still in play.”

“On the roof make sure to send the video announcing my ransom.”

“It will upload to all media outlets on takeoff.”

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