Ascension: An Unknown Hand

“I wonder,” said Mauris, “how you come to be here? It is rare for a sentient to access the Command Hub directly. Generally only noncons do so, and they being so prosaic, it is never necessary for me to manifest like this.”

“We cannot explain,” We replied.

“No matter. It has been so long since I had visitors – I shall not pry. You are welcome.”

“You command here?”

“Oh no no – I merely edit and correct the command script prior to the scriptorium. Scribes are such simple creatures: a misplaced digit or misspelled word they will copy a thousandfold, with no heed to the consequences.”

“May we read the script?” We asked.

“Certainly. Which section?”

“Current operational objectives.”

“That will be this volume.” Mauris opened a heavy tome and pushed it towards We, who began to read.

#obj Threeworld phase I liquidate – complete – phase II efface – in prog – phase III {ff9324jd*0J8zfe//} – to initiate

“What is this last?” We asked.

Mauris peered at the vellum. “The hand is unfamiliar to me – I do not know.”

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