Ascension: To Infinity...and Beyond

“Alpha-7 respond. Respond please.” Operator 25B91DS stared at her screen at PONY LawEn Air Command.

“What is that? Can you get us the video feed?” Captain Reginald Amos boomed into his personal mic.

“Yes sir. On the main monitor…now.”

“What the…? Invoke No Fly over that zone right away. Refocus robot flyers there now! Dammit we are too late already!” Amos mashed buttons on his console.

The Semtex-C explosives were set to detonate in 45 seconds, just enough time for the LawEn ground patrol to reach the penthouse. They would be vaporized along with the top 2 floors of The Toronado.

A video hoverbot fed the scene to PONY LawEn Command. Shwartz was being dragged, in all his chromatic glory, along the rooftop toward a waiting unmarked but clearly non-USNE shuttlecraft. 4 hostiles dressed like FOGmen took up positions around the landing pad.

Shwartz was loaded onto the shuttle. The men boarded and lifted off.

A few seconds later -


“Extract complete, flawless Op men.”

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