The Presentation

The projector whirrs as it warms up. Papers shuffle as the attendants find their seats. The speaker clears his throat.

“Gentlemen, thank you all for coming. In year 2872, approximately 13 months ago, a research vessel made contact with an unknown species. They approached the planet using the standard cloaking technique as it appeared the aliens were fairly advanced compared to our own technology.”
“What they found, gentlemen, is almost beyond imagination.”

The projector whirrs and a picture appears. Attendees gasp and look down at the papers in front of them.

“An entire race based entirely on predatory use of their environment. We are looking at a species that is built to hunt down to their molecular structure.”

The projector continues to show images of a strange, alien form.

“They are not entirely biologic, their carbon based forms are supported by a complex network of materiel whose makeup remains unknown. This material matches our own in durability, but is entirely biologic to these creatures.”

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