The Presentation 2

The speaker continues although the attendees are obviously distressed. The projector changes constantly, bombarding them with gruesome images.

“This alien species is also capable of a limited amount of healing properties, and can repair damage quickly. Their planet orbits their sun at an abnormally close range, close enough that they should not be able to survive by conventional thinking. This causes their cycles to be extremely fast, and they remain active for a full cycle of our planet.”

“They show no signs of a joined effort and work completely independent from each other except in times of great need. Gentlemen, I don’t have to explain to you how dangerous this makes them as a species The veracity and ruthlessness they show when attacking their own kind does not leave much to the imagination.”

“If any of our models are correct, this species will be capable of interstellar travel within the next century. Gentlemen, we are looking at an extinction level event.”

The projector shows a human onscreen.

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