Stupid Fetish

It’s safe to say that I’m seriously regretting my life choices now.

I’ve always been a voraphile. That means I get off on people being eaten. Weird, I know. But when my girlfriend said she’d learned how to do it, I invited her over, hoping she’d show me.

Big mistake. Turns out she wanted to test it on me, and if it wasn’t for my stupid fetish I would have struggled on the way down.

“Getting comfy in there?” she said with a giggle as I laid in her stomach, curled up into a ball.

I groaned. “Anna, this isn’t funny,” I grumbled.

I felt her finger poke into her belly. “I think it is,” she replied.

I squirmed a bit, but it was so darn cramped I could barely move.

Another giggle. “Fight all you want, you’re mine now,” she said, her voice taking on a flirtatious tone.

I felt something coil around her belly…

Oh yeah. My girlfriend is a naga.

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