Ascension: Weather Report

A new broadcast reached the 1984. This time, Lieutenant Reyes was at the mike.

“Good morning, USNE 1984! This is Radio Free 3HE, coming to you from somewhere underneath Threetown. Our weather; a low pressure zone remains in the area. The three-mometer today will hit 260 C., and tonight -100 C. Of course that’s just the temperature of the thermometer; space has no temperature! (Canned laughter.) Wind speed at the spaceport is currently zero kph and holding steady. This report courtesy of Republic of Threeworld Surrender Acceptance Services. Surrender your spaceship today!

“And now, before we move on to the substantive part of this broadcast, let’s hear the 3HE national anthem (holds phone up to mic) …

Woke up this morning with light in my eyes
And then realized it was still dark outside
Must be those strangers that come every night
I hope they get home all right

Hey, Mr. Spaceman
Won’t you please take me along
I won’t do anything wrong
Hey, Mr. Spaceman
Won’t you please take me along for a ride

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