Ascension: A Jump to the Left

The phony FOGmen scurried about to prepare for the FTL transition. FTL JumpGate 3 loomed in the forward viewer.

“Mr. Shwartz, you had better be betting big on them letting us through.” the helmsman shouted back into the cramped hold where Shwartz sat.

“Unidentified craft,” came Jump Control through the comm, “Please transmit access code now, you are at minimum safe distance for approach.”

No reply.

“Mr. Shwartz?” sweat glistened on the helmsman’s brow.

“Keep on the stick, do not divert or slow. Remember, you are kidnappers.”

“Final request for access code. Transmit code now please or we will be forced to repel your craft.”


“Shwartz unfolded himself and glided toward the helm and the Comm panel. His left arm extended toward a universal port and his index finger plugged in a perfect fit. The panel lit up with “Transmit”.

“Code received, destination plotted, thank you and have a safe jump.”

“How did you do that?”

“Don’t forget, we built these damn things.” he raised his magic finger up high.

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