Between the Strings [Version 2]

# If you're reading this line, get some sleep. Or some Monster.

Mentally he chuckled, the green-against-black of the text editor scrolling in fits and starts as he rolled the mouse wheel. He quickly looked into the upper-right corner of the screen—12:59 AM. He had some Monster in the fridge…

# Uncomment the previous line when you can figure out why it has a fit if it gets 19 as an input.

He grabbed a calculator. Writing on the back of some junk-mail envelopes, he ran a few tests and got an answer. He scowled, switched the order of the calculations, and got a satisfactory one. He was dimly aware of the noise his keyboard made as he typed in the new code. The instructions amended, he ran the program again, only for it to fail.

# What's black and white and red all over? Red Hat Linux.

He scrolled through again, trying to pinpoint just where the problem was, obscured in the dense lines of text.

# Note to self: Buy WinRAR license

The solution was buried within the code, hidden between the strings.

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