Handwritten Entry, by Unknown

Genria left for Albiss today.

I am not sure how I feel about her departure. She is, after all, my wife, though we have not been close for several years. I blame Cahenna for that. Too many political gatherings, upward aspirations. The woman focuses solely on how she can raise her standing with the select. Genria was pulled in the moment they met, and I was left at home, tending the garden, washing and cleaning, caring for the little ones. Reller cut his hand while whittling.

Albiss is much larger and more complicated than our small home in Hurst. I wonder how the ladies fare in such a place. I have only seen its spires from afar on the ridge road to the Ander’s cabin, when fetching supplies. The children love the walk, and I tell them stories about Navimnier and Shylie.

Reller has been fascinated by the idea that there are other worlds outside of our own. I hope he does not become too much like his mother. No doubt the boys will both leave me, in time, as she did.

I never should have trusted Cahenna.

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