Handwritten Entry, Ander's Path

Reller has gone missing.

I never should have told him those stories. I am a fool, and he is but a child with an imagination that surpasses his sense. I plague myself with worry that somehow he knew I was not fabricating the adventures I have had in Navimnier.

Sometime in the night Festal heard his brother stirring, but we awoke and found him gone, with a lantern and my scrawled map of our woods. It has the route to the Ander’s upon it. I was making it with an idea that I could give it to the boys if I needed them to run errands for me, to ensure they would not get lost. Now it appears my efforts have betrayed me.

I must have traversed Ander’s path at least a dozen times. The two mile stretch winds on the edge of a ridge and I fear that Reller may have fallen. Most of Hurst is helping in the search. Yulte insisted I sit and rest for an hour, else I would not be writing here. If they do not find him, I may be facing my greatest fear.

I can only pray my son has not found the Doorway.

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