Ascension: Alternate Reality

“Mr. Shwartz, we are t-minus 10 minutes to FTL Jump, please prepare for Suspension.” the un-named voice of one of his captors came through the private comm.

“Hate Suspension…” He muttered while tapping a few buttons on his panel. The lights lowered to a calming dim amber and the oxygen content in the chamber rose. Soon a sleep inducing gas would be mixed in and he would slumber away the long jump hours.

“The jump will be 6.18 days, sir. Destination: The Synod homeworld.” came the voice again.

“Oh what I could do in that much time.” Shwartz said to no one. He knew that this was the riskiest part of his plan. To be out of touch for this long while his fake kidnapping permeated the USNE High Council and his own board of directors. The Synod themselves would be dragged through uncomfortable questioning. All this to build some urgency and potency to his demands.

Shwartz had lived a physical life far beyond what any other human had. Now he yearned to ascend to Heaven and take his rightful, elite place.

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