“How are you feeling?”
She sat on the bed, trying hard not to pick at the nail polish on her fingernails. Even though her heart was racing she shrugged, “I’m a little nervous.”
“That’s normal. Don’t be nervous, we’re gonna take good care of you!” He pat her on the shoulder and walked away to talk to the crew.
She looked around the room and did not recognize anyone. All of the strangers will be looking at her, judging her. Her ears turned bright red and her face felt like it was on fire. Despite the jitters, nausea, and slight feelings of shame she knew deep down that she needed the money more.
“Okay hon, we are just about ready to go.” A man turned on a light that nearly blinded her.
She took a deep breath and took off her clothes until she shivered from the vulnerability.
Another man came over to her, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. “Showtime.”
A red light turned on on the camera in front of her. A man yelled action, the other man began to kiss her neck, and she put on a show for all the strangers.

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