Parting Ways

Her Highness the Princess of Qerradith, first and last daughter of Her Royal Majesty, Queen of the Realm, first in line of succession by birthright, and (nominally) Defender of the Royal Lands, pouted as Dabrose mounted his horse and, with a final nod, rode out of the stables with the grim look of a man who has just been shot at and expects another shot to come sooner rather than later. Infuriating man, she thought, you’ll be no safer out there than in here. At least in here you’d be close by.

The smarter, practical part of her brain was already working out the next move—someone had ordered Dabrose killed, simply because he knew about the missing key. That someone was, unfortunately, likely to be her mother. The Princess’ interference in that particular course of action would get her into trouble, should her mother see fit to make anything resembling an inquiry. It followed that the Princess would need a patsy. One of the Dukes she disliked, perhaps.

The other parts of her brain were still pouting.

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