Everything was going according to his plan. He brought her in his house but was so anxious he couldn’t make it to the bedroom.
He caressed her hair and stripped off her shirt; her skin was so smooth. She was absolutely flawless.
He kissed her neck and unclipped the clasp in the front of her bra. He couldn’t help but feel giddy like it was his first time.
Looking at her in that moment he remembered everything about them. She was never interested in him but he couldn’t help but follow where she walked. He could always see the beauty in her and eventually he knew she saw it in him too. She played hard to get but he was always patient.
He knew this moment was only a matter of time.
He brushed through her hair again but his fingers got caught in a matted mess.
Her hair was full of dirt and down her neck, it was slashed and dripping with blood. Her lips were covered in red but to him it was only lipstick she put on special for this moment. He knew she loved him that way.
Everything was going according to plan.

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