Insurmountable Oddness

“Work? Yeah, work’s great. Most people are all like, complaining about their coworkers and shit, but we’ve got this family dynamic thing going. Ya know?”

Marcy glowered at Jeb from over her large lenses. “Except brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to have sex with each other.”

“Tell that to Nick Cassavetes.” Estelle piped in, her own gaze never leaving the white glow of her laptop.

“The hell with you and your newsfeeds. Get a life Estelle. Better yet, get a job, like me.” Jeb smirked.

“Right,” Marcy droned, “expose herself to a pool of sexually ravenous twenty-something’s for a weak paycheck and complete destruction of free time. No. Thank you.”

“-sexually ravenous…” Estelle’s hands went clickety-clack over the keyboard. “That is gold. Blog worthy.”

“Wait, you’re not quoting me directly are you?”

“Ha! POS-ted!” Jeb laughed as Estelle hit Return with finality. She shot Jeb a disgusted look.

“It’s the web, sweetheart. Who needs sources?”

“Break’s over. Later gals.” Jeb said.

Marcy downed her latte.

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