“Is he single?”
“As far as I know he is. Don’t you go and matchmake again, our daughter is too young to be married and has no interest in matrimony.”
She sighed, “She is fifteen, I’d hardly say that is too young. Don’t you want what is best for her?”
He’d heard this tangent many times. “Of course I do. I am well aware he makes a fair amount of money to accommodate a wife and family.”
“He makes enough for a decent living for our daughter to be taken care of, that is all I desire.”
He began to argue but stopped. “I am going to my study.”

In his office the sunset shined into his windows and he thought of his wife.
She had left her rich parents to be with a lowly farmer, all for love.
He wanted his daughter to fall in love, not set her up solely for money.
He walked into the dining room to face his wife. “I want what is best for her. That is why she will meet this man but I refuse to give my consent unless she loves him.”
The wife jumped for joy, “I will have it arranged!” She kissed him and ran out of the room.

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