Long haired Blonde Beauty takes me home with her

I got to see exactly how long her hair was too. It was probably over 100 feet long and looked so very very beautiful. She’ had the bluest brightest eyes I ever seen. Her eyelashes and eyebrows were as blonde as her hair. She had a very light very tight and very pink pussy and the hair on her pussy was also as blonde as the hair on her head. She told me she was naked the whole time on the subway and driving home but her super long massive blonde hair kept her covered up. I asked her why she brought me to her home. She said "well you didn’t want to be trapped in my hair forever did you. Plus my boyfriend is out of town and I need a man to keep me company until he gets back. All of a sudden her cellphone rang. She looked at it and said “Oh it’s my boyfriend gotta answer it.” After she got off she said "My boyfriend is coming back early because he couldn’t stand to be without me. He’ll be here soon. I told him your here because you were trapped in my hair and he understands and won’t be mad at you being here.

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