The Light Goes On and Off

George was looking at a glass that was on a table.
Matthew walked in.“George,” he said. “You’ve been staring at that glass since 4:30 am! Why have you been staring at it for so long?”
“I’m trying to find something in it,” George said.
“George, look at it! It’s empty! ", Matthew said.
“I know,” George said.
“Fine then,” Matthew said. “I’ll leave you to your search. I’m going to Nate’s house. See you later!”
Matthew walked out.
He walked down the road to Nate’s house, pausing when he saw a movie poster taped to a tree.
Movie 5: The Secret Agent Ghosts and the Giant Robotic Dinosaur hang out with a popular cartoon character in hopes of restoring our popularity! We already know how great it’s!” William read from the poster. "Now they’ve entered the crossover stage. They get a show to let them use one of their characters, telling them that they’re all going to be in the Experimental “Great” credits. They were- wait, who am I talking to?"
Matthew punched at the air.
“The Movie series is gone.”
To Be Continued…

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