I Don't Believe In God

The chaotic streets of New York City faded to silence around me as my mind swarmed with thoughts of anxiety and depression. I walked the four long blocks back to my appartment in shame, replaying the past hour over and over in my head.

That’s not the way that God wants it to be.

The words echoed through my mind. I hated those words. What about the Atheists? People like me. If God existed, he would be more worried about all the rapes and murders going on, rather than the homosexuals who aren’t hurting anybody.

I clenched my fists. People’s ignorance infuriated me.

I finally reached the front doors of my appartment building. The only comfort I had left was knowing that Shawna would be upstairs waiting for me, ready to love and support me no matter what my parents had said.

I paused, shaking my head in disgust. If my parents couldn’t accept me, then I would have to just move on, without them. God was no excuse. I didn’t believe in God.

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