Ascension II: Autofess

Stopping to fess on the way to work seemed like a good idea, thought Yrtl ruefully as he waited in the queue before the public booth. But now I wish I hadn’t bothered, realizing, in the instant, that such a thought was certainly sinful. But then again, so was being late to the office. So either way, he would pay.

Shit, he thought, looking at the line of people. Shame there’s so many bad people in this town.

He allowed his thoughts to drift for a while…

“Hey buddy – you gonna stand there all day?” a gruff voice spoke behind him, accompanied by a shove. Startled, Yrtl realized he was at the front of the queue before the empty booth. Muttering a curt reply he entered, and the door slid shut.

A screen illuminated:

Welcome to Autofess!

A spiritual service brought to you by Synod Enterprises Inc

In order to avoid committing further sin, please ensure that you have sufficient credit before proceeding

Press START to begin

Sighing, Yrtl produced his credit fob and touched the screen.

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