Ascension II: Planetrise

Mr. Black Cruiser engaged the autopilot and the 6 wheeled vehicle lurched forward. The PMH burned a straight shot across the rocky plain and vanished at the darkened horizon.

“You look like hell.” He said referring to Pitcher’s release garb and overall grimey appearance. “It’s 2 hours to JS, recline and get some shut-eye. Take this-.” He presented Pitcher with a USNE Credit ring. “There are enough untraceable credits to keep you alive while you do your work. Maybe even some pleasures could be afforded.” Pitcher took the ring and slid it onto his right pinky finger. He stared at it. “Its been awhile huh? To have some purchasing power of your own.” said Cruiser.

“Nothin’ about this job tells me I have any power, seems like I owe all these credits already.”

“You’re still sharp Pitcher. You do.”

The cruiser hit top speed and droned along the endless blacktop as planetrise dominated the evening sky. Jupiter was a brilliant mixture of red, white and orange. Pitcher reclined and quickly nodded off.

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