Restless Guest

So it was my turn to be the host family for our newest visitor from the Intergalactic Unity Councel and I was beginning to think my cat Frizzle was right about this guy. My family consisted of me and Frizzle, who sat at a distance from our guest and stared at him without blinking…in the same position as when I’d said good night to them both. Apparently, he bore watching.
He was a tidy guest, his bed was always neatly made, he ate and drank very little and cleaned up after himself. He was rather animated, always moving. I attributed this to his fascination with his new surroundings and enjoyed our conversations, but not being a morning person myself, left the talking mostly up to him until the caffeine kicked in.
He told me he was an elder on his world, having lived 32 of Earth’s years and wanted to experience all the traveling he could. This was his sixtieth planet to visit so far. I wondered at this short life span until the day he left and I went to change the sheets on his untouched bed.

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