Hateful Birds

These eyeless creatures stare me down.
They probably think they’re so intimidating
with their vast wing span
and razor-edge beaks.

But what I realize is that I have eyes.
I have the power to truly see.
I am full of soul and
full of all this unused charge
for a spark.
For a spark to start a fire.

I may not have a gun
or a bow and arrow
or a tazor.
No, no what I have is so much more powerful.

I have light
to flash
to blink
to blind
the hateful birds,
who gawk and fly in fear.
They’re blind bodies will quiver when
they feel the power in my light,
eliminating those nocturnal monsters that
try to haunt me.

And when they’re gone
I will fill the void of the silence left
in the air
and I will sing their songs.

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