The End?

So, this is it.

I dash myself to pieces on the rocks. Those who care for me can’t see me any more. Tears in their eyes now, blinding them.

I did that.

My wings aren’t beating any more.
I’ve given up.
Just let me fall.
Leave me be.

My heart tears itself apart to reach out to them.
My hand stays limply at my side.
Too heavy to hold on.
I don’t even want to try.

The edge was a cliff over the sea that swallows me up.
No one else can save me if I don’t stretch my arms back towards them.
It would hurt them too much if I let them try and still failed.
So I don’t let their grasp even graze me.

I just drop.

Quiet, dark coldness surrounds me. Better than the sun that scorched me as I flew.

I can’t care anymore.


Giving up is simple and easy and if I could smile now, I truly would mean it.
With no one around to check my mask for cracks my emotions flood out.

They are nothing.

If I stay at the bottom of this ocean long enough maybe my pieces will wash up together.

Just let me be.

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