Where in the World...

The announcements about changes to spacial geography really struck home on my trip to London.

Yeah, I should have listened to the warnings since the trip wasn’t strictly necessary. At least, I’m sure the un-initiated probably think that. But I scrimped for 2 months for the ticket to watch the Braves play in New Yankee Stadium, and I would be d***ed if I missed the game because ET forgot to turn off their puzzlemaker.

The flight passed uneventfully, at first. I sat next to an Indian gentleman and discussed the recent turn of events. It wasn’t difficult considering both of our trips were prompted by the same types of events. He was in route to a Symposium in an Atlanta Marriott which had been “relocated” to London. A shame, I stayed there at DragonCon one year.

An hour outside London the first “turbulence” struck like a 96 mph fastball to the groin. The effect was… disconcerting. Of course when I returned to my seat and found my conversation partner replaced by a larger man I began doubting.

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