Ascension II: They

“Musta been a tech, goofin’ around,” said one of the guys. “Or some crazy, hacking into the network. Those security protocols are way outta date.”

“I’m not sure.” Yrtl watched his food congeal for a moment. “He was so kinda desperate. Like: You gotta help me!

“I can check,” offered Lynt, “I know some tech guys. Get a name?”

“Provost somethin’,” replied Yrtl, struggling to remember. “Didn’t get the rest.”

“Provost is a Synod rank,” interjected Doc Akin, “high up.”

The table fell silent while this was digested. If anyone knew about the Synod, it was the Doc.

“So, what ya gonna do?”

Yrtl shrugged. “Forget it, I guess. Don’t make no sense. Specially not that thing he kept sayin’.”


" They are here. Like, with a capital T. Like it meant somethin’. I dunno – crazy.”

Lynt looked thoughtful. “Sounds like what Pops used to scare me with when I was a kid. They.

Murt, characteristically silent till now, rose from his seat.

They is just a myth.”

He picked up his tray and left the table.

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