Ascension II: Invisible Men

“Why the fuck are you giving me this?” Bates waved the pistol at Pitcher, but avoided aiming it at him.

“What’s your plan FOGman?” Pitcher shouted back as he navigated the Razor-rock back toward the highway.

“Plan? I am gonna kill you, howzat for a plan?” He winced with every step in pursuit of Pitcher.

“Sounds like a plan for dying.” Pitcher put a shredded boot onto the highway and made for the Black Cruiser. In there was his mark’s info and a ride to Juno Station. He expected his follower to come to some sense and beg for a ride in.

“Hey! Convict! Hold up.” Bates limped toward the vehicle. “Looks like I need you, so I won’t kill you, yet.”

“So what’s your plan now?” Bates stood outside the passenger door of the vehicle as Pitcher queried him.

“Get some new shoes and lay low?”

“Sounds better, get in.” Pitcher cleared the viewscreen with Ishikawa’s bio.

Having a madman on the loose in JS would only benefit him in his task. Any assassin would say nothing helps more than a good distraction.

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