Ascension II: Wait up!

Juno Station spilled over the Biowall to form the Outer Hoods. Buildings which housed the less fortunate (really, the destitute) hugged the inner station in an attempt to share the improved air and tap the fresh water lines. Still, Pitcher strode past some of the worst living conditions he had seen.

“JDC looked good come to think of it.” He said to Bates, who was 10 paces back but following.


Pitcher looked through the satchel he recovered from the Cruiser. A few personal items, extra ammo clip, and a holotablet – Bingo! The USNE credit ring would get him to a safehouse without a problem and then he could hack into the tablet in private.

“Hey, what the fuck is your name convict? Or should I just shout that out whenever I want your attention?” Bates, in obvious agony, blared too loudly. A biting wind whipped through an intersection as the two figures crossed. “Ugh! I hate this place already!”

The scale of death was tipping in Pitcher’s head. The Juno Loop station loomed just ahead, it was unmanned.

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