Smother Me

Let me be the one who calls you baby all the time…

We’re wrapped in each others’ arms, holding on to the moment that will never last long enough. We’re breathing in the sweet scent of forever, closing our eyes to enormity of the night.

Surely you can take some comfort knowing that you’re mine.

I’m floating, glowing, melting into your heart. Keep me here, safe from the world, living through your memories. I see us, walking hand in hand, down the red, red avenue. I see us, sitting on the white, white park bench surrounded by the frost. I see us, lying under the bright, bright sun, glowing.

Just hold me tight. Lay by my side.

I feel you slipping, but I’m never giving up. You taught me to live right here and right now. Let’s not dream of the past, and the future can wait. We’re taking in what we have with open arms, because together, it’s our’s.

Now I can breathe. Turn my insides out…

… and smother me.

Now dance with me, and we’ll drift along with the cadence of the stratosphere.

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