My Evil Roomba

I admit it. I’m a sucker for the latest gadgets. When the retail box store down the street opened, I was first in line. As I entered, I saw it! Mesmerized by the shiny display model, I knew I had to have it… the Roomba XS-2000. The box said it promised to make my life easier.

I ripped open the package, and within 24 hours, I was Ready to Roomba. I unleashed this shiny silver sucking robot on my carpet, and I was impressed. His glowing red sensor made sure he did not damage any of my priceless Ikea furniture.

The first weeks were heaven. But, then I noticed things. I figured $24 had gone missing without a trace. Then it happened. I noticed the XS-2000 stalking LOLcat.

First the money, and now this, tormenting a defenseless kitty. I removed the battery-pac. All was quiet, until one day, I arrived home, only to find, LOLcat had gone
missing! I searched to no avail, until, days later, I opened the closet where the XS-2000 was, and saw… LOLcat Fur!

An evil, sinister laugh came from the machine!

I was next!

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