Prom Night

“But Mom, it’s Prom!”

“Next time check your lunar calendar,” Joanna snapped as she whipped the curtains shut, blocking out the moonlight.

“But Brittany’s waiting! And Dad said I could borrow the car!”

Joanna stood holding the curtains and took a deep breath. When will he learn?, she thought before turning to look at her son.

Cody was absurd in his rented tux, thick tufts of fur shooting out the cuffs and collar, his mouth twisted in anguish, his canine teeth stretching into fangs. The box in his hand held an orchid corsage, being crushed as his fingers merged into paws. His eyes were pleading – yellow, but pleading.

Joanna sighed. She felt deflated, her anger fading at his frustration. “Go to your room,” she said quietly.

Cody whimpered, a strained sound. Joanna reached out and ruffled the fur on his back. She walked him down the hallway, watching as he skulked into his room. She closed the door and turned the key in the heavy lock.

She dialed the phone. “Brittany? Hi, dear. Cody’s not well…”

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