A New Dimension in Home Office Design

“This is what you’ve been working on?” His wife asked.
“I was redecorating my Home Office.”
“I thought you were just going to throw up some Oak Paneling, not this…” She gestured at his creation.
“It’s a tesseract, A 3 Dimensional representation of a 4 Dimensional Hypercube.”
“There’s barely enough room to sit.”
“The perfect amount of room, all the 3 Dimensional cubes that make up the outside of the hypercube slide in, everything’s at arms length.”
“Why aren’t the lights on?”
“I had to give this room it’s own breaker box.” He told her. “I have computers in the cubes running every OS known. Hit that switch, you’ll see what it can do.”
“I’m not impressed?” She said after turning on the power and nothing happened.
“Honey where did the house go?” She was staring at a black void outside the door.
“I must have wired something wrong, it turned this room into a real hypercube, we’ve been pushed into the fourth dimension.”
“I told you to go with the Oak Paneling, but you never listen to me, now look what you’ve done.”

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